2012 Golden Globes Hair!

I loved all the beautiful updos at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards! Here are a few of my favorites!

2012 Hair Trends

While we are all still enjoying the 2011-2012 Fall/Winter trends, lets look ahead to Spring/Summer! I see 50′s-70′s influences with center parts and lot’s of volume. I don’t make the trends, I just push the ones I can see us wearing in the Pacific North West!


Long, Bouncy Waves with a Center Part

This 70′s inspired look can be casual to glamorous. Start with a thorough blow dry. This will create volume and lightness from the start. If you are handy with a round brush you can create waves as you finish your blow dry. Remember, never use a finishing round brush on wet hair, always pre-dry. If round-brushing isn’t your thing, I suggest using a large curling iron on on course/thick hair and hot rollers on medium/fine hair. Velcro rollers or pin curls work well if you don’t want to blow dry. Finish with a center part.


Tousled French Twist

Gotta love this 60′s inspired updo. Start with blowdrying hair with a volume building product like Lable M’s Volume Mousse or Sea Salt Spray until completely dry. Also great on day two hair. Backbrush (notcomb) your entire head and pull back loosley to create this french twist with bobby pins. Hairspray to finish. Cover with curls to create interest.


Half up Bridgitte Bardot Hair

Simply create this sexy bouffant. Backcomb the crown section of your hair to achieve desired shape and height. Leave a section out around your face parted down the middle. Smooth over backcombed area  and secure by twisting and bobby pinning hair in the center. The volume will stay in place all day.


Chignon with Loose Face Framing Waves

Chignon is a fancy word for bun. Start by ponytailing the bottom half of your hair and create a bun. Loosely curl the top half. Make a deep side part and loosely pin both sides back letting a few curs dangle around the face. Finish with hairspray.


Soft Afros

If you have thick, textured, corkscrew curly hair, forget the straightening irons and chemical treatments. Go natural, and pick it out for a bold new look. Life just got easier.


And last but not least,

Men’s Trends

Short on the Sides, Long on the Top

Keep the sides and back neat and trimmed and either wear the long top swept forward left messy, or fluff the hair leaving it full and tousled. There’s nothing wrong with a little shine, but stop with the wet look. Think indie hair or James Dean style.

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